Alys Noir:A Creative Soul

Alys Noir
A Creative Soul

 Alys Richardson has been serving the Gulf Coast area & abroad as A licensed Cosmetologist & visual artist for 6 years.

Alys Noir



The merging of creative passion and care for fellow man. It is said that “when you look good, you feel good“. With that being said and known to be true, Alys has available not only beauty service, but a passion to enhance each client in the best way possible to allow confident energy to flow. She has studied cutting edge beauty technology to offer simple-extensive wellness and beauty services to accommodate any and everyone.

Body Art

With 10 years of experience in behind the scenes work for Video and photo production, Alys has grown as a "body artist", and has begun working with the public extensively with face and body painting as well as theatrical makeup and more.

Artwork and Events

Alys’ art expression has been developing since the age of 6 as a young writer who found love in creating illustrations of her thoughts.As an Airforce brat, travel and exposure to different types of people,terrain and architecture heavily influenced her curiosity and constant study of all three elements articulated in her artwork today.In 2006, she gained a portfolio scholarship to Memphis College of Art, and attributes her discipline as an artist to the grueling and deeply valuable  training she received while there.Now with 10 years of experience and passion in the art and beauty industry under her belt,Alys is currently expanding to touch the community and abroad with her art in a new way this year with Paint&Chill Art events.Stay tuned for Images, Video and information on upcoming events and booking.


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